Satellite Industry Frets About Future Military Business
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WGS Sales to Allies Undermine U.S. Comsatcom Industry
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XTAR Appoints Andrew Ruszkowski Chief Commercial Officer
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MILSATCOM serves an essential role in national security. X-band capability specifically offers government users targeted coverage and the strongest throughput in demanding scenarios. The DoD’s Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system provides the basis for many government users’ needs.

XTAR, the first commercial provider of X-band services, offers added flexibility to WGS users which may mean the difference between mission success and failure. XTAR’s services can be employed as an interim solution for initiating or maintaining coverage, or through a layered approach of the two systems working in tandem.

XTAR is a fully-compatible solution for the most critical X-band communication needs:

WGS User Challenge XTAR Complementary Benefit
User Priority – Competition for scarce bandwidth means mission-critical resources may be preempted. Assured Access – XTAR’s non-preemptible capacity is assured from contract start to finish.
Coverage Delay – Setting up interim coverage while mission priorities are adjusted may put missions at risk.   Rapid Access – XTAR can provide next-day service through established contract vehicles.
Certification – Lengthy WGS terminal authorization processes may hamper immediate provision of new technology. Interoperability – XTAR offers cross-compatibility with legacy and ALL X-band terminals to keep a mission on track during the WGS certification process.
Signal Strength – WGS’ flexible-shaped beams may still require more direct throughput to penetrate high-density conditions. Added Throughput – XTAR’s spot beams can be redirected within hours and stacked over locations that require extra capacity.

WGS enhanced by XTAR service offers the best of both worlds. The combined performance, strength and agility of X-band deliver essential connectivity for AISR, COTM and other demanding mission scenarios and applications required by our military forces and intelligence operatives around the world.

Commercially-available X-band from XTAR is a dependable, flexible, short- or long-term solution for current and prospective government users.

XTAR: Complementing WGS when and where it's needed most.